1. What are the challenge rules?

The DAMA Twenty Peaks challenge is organised in editions on a state level. Every edition lasts exactly 6 months and contains a large number of climbs - both road and off-road. Participants have to complete 20 climbs to meet the challenge. In addition, each year the organisers choose 20 climbs that make up the individual classification of DAMA Twenty Peaks and are marked accordingly. You may choose to do some or all of these climbs to compete for your place in the classification.

2. Who is DAMA Twenty Peaks intended for?

Experienced cyclists but not necessarily competitive. It is for climbers and those who want to improve their climbing abilities. It is a great experience that will get you cycling on new routes and will provide a great sense of satisfaction if you manage to complete it.

3. When should I register?

Registration is typically open 2 months prior to the start date untile 2 months into the season. Check "the climbs” section in the web site to familiarise yourself with the various editions and dates. Naturally the later you register to an edition that is already rolling, less time you will have to complete it. We recommend you register in advance.

4. How do I register?

Enter "the climbs“ section and choose your edition. Press “register“ and you will be walked through the registration process, including choosing the jersey color and size (it’s highly recommended you consult the size table). Enter an invite code if you have one and check the terms & conditions. You will then be transferred to checkout to complete the payment and registration. We will send you an e mail to confirm your registration. Next click on the + sign at the top of the page to connect your Strava account with Twenty Peaks.

5. Why do I need to connect my Strava to Twenty Peaks?

Connecting your Strava account is essential for registering your activity. In fact, Strava will notify Twenty peaks of your ride and we will check if one or more of our climbs are included among the segments registered by Strava. We will then register those climbs in your personal area on the web site.

6. How do I register my ride?

You have two options for registering your activity:

1. Directly with the Strava app - start the app before the ride and hit stop /finish at the end. A popup window will let you save your activity.

2. Using a dedicated GPS device (Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, Suunto, and others). On your Strava, under “settings / applications, services and devices” choose “connect a new device to strava” and add yours. Once connected, your device will automatically sync with Strava at the end of each ride.

7. Where do I see the climbs i’ve done?

In your personal area on our web site you can see all your past and present editions and the climbs performed for each.

8. How can I be sure my climb was correctly registered on TP?

If the segment that defines that climb appears in the segment list of your ride you’re ok. You will also receive an automated mail from Twenty Peaks for each climb registered.

9. I’ve done a climb and it doesn’t show on strava. What should I do?

First, make sure you followed the route accurately. If so, send us a link to that specific activity on strava and we’ll look into it and approve your climb. Otherwise you'll have to do that climb again. If we decide to manually approve a climb it may or may not show in the rankings table. It depends on the circumstance and is strictly at our discretion.

10. Can I attempt the same climb twice?

As many times you want. The best result will count. We do recommend completing at least 20 climbs before taking the time to improve your results.

13. Is it possible to change size after registration?

Once you validate your mail address we will send you a confirmation mail for your registration. Reply to that mail within 24 hours from registration to request a size change. Size guide.